Viking story writing

My books Beowuff and the Horrid Hen and Beowuff and the Dragon Radiers Hen are set in the time of the Vikings and their enemies, the Anglo Saxons. Your class can write their own stories about the Vikings using this ‘flash writing’ story-maker. Email for more info on my Viking and Anglo Saxons assemblies and creative writing workshops.

For my free .pdf ‘7 Tips for teaching story writing’ email with ‘Tips’ in the subject line. If you are interested in ‘flash writing’ please read on…


Instructions for using this writing frame
1. Put the class into pairs. Give them the writing frame to each pair. Get them to pick one option each.
2. Tell them to write from the most exciting part of the story.
3. Tell them to write the story one sentence each. (Make sure you give them one sheet of A4 between two writers.)

After 5-10 minutes of planning you’ll get everyone writing (in pairs). Within an hour the class should be ready to share out their stories.

About The Beowuff series

I wrote the first Beowuff book with Richard Eccles – and we had great fun researching it.
Beowuff is set in a world ruled by dogs, where people have never existed. However, there is a lot of
accurate historical background in there, including Skaldic poetry, Viking ‘kennings’ and many of the points
are the same as the Beowulf saga. It’s set in Heorut – a ‘meat hall’ not a ‘mead hall’, it’s King Ruffgar, not King
Hrothgar. Instead of fighting Grendel, Beowuff must do battle with Hendel – a monstrous chicken.

Beowuff and the Horrid Hen beowuff_raiders_frontcover_web


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