I Am Spartapuss

Spartapuss’ diary tells of how a Kiton slave became a prisoner, the prisoner became a gladiator. But will the gladiator become history?Rome AD 36. The mighty Feline Empire rules the world. A ginger cat is comfortable managing Rome’s finest Bath and Spa complex. But Fortune has other plans for him. There’s a nasty incident in the Vomitarium. He’s arrested and imprisoned by Catligula, the Emperor’s heir and favourite. Released into a school for gladiators, our Fraidipuss hero must fight and win his freedom in the Arena – before his opponents make dog-food out of him.


‘Cat-tastic!’ – London Evening Standard

‘A highly original story with lots of scope for giggles, it also provides some background history and can’t fail to delight cat fans (or otherwise) everywhere!’ – Booktrusted.co.uk

‘This is a must for any child who has studied, or is about to study, Roman history at school… a perfect story for children to read themselves or for parents to join in… Fabulous!’ – Andrea Don, Waterstones.com

‘Young fans of ancient Rome will love this book and it’s a great introduction for those who are not yet familiar with it’s history. Spartapuss, a ginger tom cat, falls from favour as manager of the finest bath and spa in Rome and ends up fighting for his life in a school for gladiators. The characters are full of life and there is a surprising amount of historical accuracy to watch out for. This is the first of a series, so watch out for more!’ – Sam Beck, Waterstones.com

‘Packed with more catty puns than you ever thought pawsible, this witty Roman romp is history with cattitude.’ – Junior Magazine

‘I think they are unique books that have really caught the imagination of the public here…’ – Andrew Fairmaner, (Buyer, The British Museum Shop)

‘This is too good to be left just as a children’s book! Extremely funny and brilliantly written. Robin Price has taken the events of Roman history focusing around the time of Emperor Tiberious, Caligula and Claudius and turned it into something fascinating.’ – Angela Longman, Monsters and Critics.com

“An exciting series … Overall, three really good books. I would recommend them to 10 year olds and upwards who enjoy thrillers that you can’t put down ’til you’ve read the whole thing!” – Flora Murray, Dalry Secondary School S1, The Journal of Classics Teaching, Spring 2008

More about Spartapuss’ adventures

In Catligula (the second book) Rome’s mad new Emperor befriends Spartapuss.

In Die Clawdius (the third book) Spartapuss has always wanted to see his homeland, but not as part of an invasion!

In Boudicat (the fourth book) Queen Boudicat is rebelling against Rome – and she wants Spartapuss to join her rebel army.

In Cleocatra’s Kushion (the fifth book in the series) Spartapuss and his son go treasure hunting at the source of the river Nile.

Younger readers should check out The Olympuss Games

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book1INFORMATIONISBN: 9780954657604
SIZE: 216 x 138mm
AUTHOR: Robin Price
PRICE: UK £7.99
FORMAT: Paperback(Artwork by Son of Ken)
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