Stone Age story writing

If you want to write a Stone Age story, the story maker on this page will speed you through the planning and help you to get writing. (Teachers: see the instructions below the story maker for tips on how to use flash writing materials in class). If you’d like to write a story about the Vikings, the Romans or a Greek myth – click on one of the historical periods in the right hand navigation.

When I’m not writing books I lead history workshops for primary and secondary schools and I have run workshops for Shakespeare’s Birthplace Trust and the Young Archaeologists society. I sometimes visit international schools with Author’s Abroad. Getting kids into history through creative writing is great fun and I’m always amazed at what the pupils come up with when they write their own stories in my school workshops. In my assembly I offer hands on tips for Mammoth hunting, a Stone Age fashion show and tips on surviving climate change, should an Ice Age unexpectedly occur.

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Write your own Stone Age story

With a simple writing frame can move swiftly through the planning and get your ideas flowing onto paper.
I often do one example first on the board as a ‘demo’ getting them to vote on options.
1. Put the class into pairs. Give them the writing frame to each pair. Get them to pick one option each.
2. Tell them to write from the most exciting part of the story.
3. Tell them to write the story one sentence each. (Make sure you give them one sheet of A4 between two writers.)

After 5-10 minutes of planning you’ll get everyone writing (in pairs). Within an hour the class should be ready to share out their stories.

P.S. Seven Tips for Story Writing

If you like this approach, there are a lot of ways you can develop it and use it in class. You can introduce or practice new vocab or structures, practice dialogue or even use two flash stories (a few weeks apart) to assess their progress. Flash stories are also ideal for assisted learning (where the adult takes the part of one pair).

For my free .pdf ‘7 Tips for teaching story writing’ email with ‘Tips’ in the subject line.

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