In the second book in the Spartapuss series, history takes a terrible turn for the worse as Catligula becomes Emperor. Rome’s new ruler is mad, bad and dangerous to stroke. When Spartapuss starts a new job at the Imperial Palace, he is horrified to find that Catligula wants him as his new best friend. The Spraetorian Guard plot to tame the power-crazed puss before he ruins the Empire. But will Spartapuss play ball?


‘Every child (and adult) will enjoy this story of a six clawed cat…Spartapuss is very believable and you can really sympathise with him. Worth reading.” – Angela Youngman, Monsters and

‘… the descriptions of life in classical Rome are good, particularly the set piece in the Arena, when Catligula plays himself in what must have been an embarrassing display to even his sycophantic feline audience. Readers who know the original stories will enjoy the fun, and those who don’t know the history may be enticed to look more closely at the Roman stories.’ – The School Librarian (UK)

‘Spartapuss makes history fun instead of dull… For people who don’t like history (like me), this book might change their minds.’ – Shruti Patel (aged 10)

More about Spartapuss’ adventures

In I am Spartapuss (the first book) our hero is forced to fight as a gladiator.

In Die Clawdius (the third book) Spartapuss travels to the Land of the Kitons.

In Boudicat (the fourth book) Spartapuss gets caught up in Queen Boudicat’s uprising.

In Cleocatra’s Kushion (the fifth book in the series) Spartapuss and his son go treasure hunting at the source of the river Nile.

Younger readers should check out The Olympuss Games

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ISBN: 9780954657611
SIZE: 216 x 138mm
AUTHOR: Robin Price
PRICE: UK £7.99
FORMAT: Paperback

(Artwork by Son of Ken)


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