Eye Of The Cyclaw

The Olympuss Games series is set in ancient Greece and ancient Rome. Cats rule the world and people have never existed.

In the second book in the series, The Son of Spartapuss discovers that his friend Furia is on a secret quest. Before their adventure begins, they must defeat the one-eyed Cyclaw.

“Spartapuss is already the star of a great series and now younger readers can enjoy his son’s exploits in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Not the ancient worlds you may know, though – humans have never existed here. Son of Spartapuss has a lot to learn when a mysterious stranger offers to pay his debts he finds himself in the School for Strays, a school for gladiators.. and en route to the Olympuss Games. If you love puns, then you are in for a real treat! And if you don’t, but want to learn a bit of ancient history whilst enjoying a fun story, either way, this is a great series for you!” Parents in Touch

“The fun continues as The Son of Spartapuss discovers that his friend Furia is on a secret quest. Before their adventure begins, they must defeat the one-eyed Cyclaw. Join the Son of Spartapuss and his fiery friend Furia as they battle their way from gladiator school to the Olympuss Games. The series is an excellent way to introduce young readers (6+) to the world of ancient Greece and Rome; they make good class readers. Lively illustrations by Chris Watson add to the enjoyment.” Parents In Touch

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Author Robin Price says:
“I’ve noticed that many (very) young readers are keen to read my Spartapuss stories. But at 200 pages per book, the original series can be a bit difficult. For example, if you are aged 6-7 and you are reading ‘chapter’ books. Or if you’re older but you are learning English or an ‘improving’ reader. (Or indeed if like me, you are none of the above but you like the idea of gladiator cats!)
So I’ve created a new four-part series set in a gladiator school. It features the Son of Spartapuss (cruelly nicknamed ‘The Spartan’ because he let slip that his father used to work in a spa!) The Son of Spartapuss hooks up with a fiery female friend called Furia. She has a nose for trouble. The books follow their adventures from the gladiator school in Rome to The Olympuss Games in Greece.
Each book features 15 drawings by Chris Watson. They are just 96 pages long – about half the length of the original Spartapuss books. The text is larger too so that makes them easy to read.


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The first book in this series is called Son of Spartapuss

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ISBN: 978-1906132835
LENGTH: 100 pages
SIZE: 195 x 129mm
AUTHOR: Robin Price
PRICE: UK £6.99
FORMAT: Paperback

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