Stars of Olympuss

The Olympuss Games series is set in ancient Greece and ancient Rome. Cats rule the world and people have never existed.

In the fourth and final Olympuss Games title…

Furia’s quest is nearing its end. Our heroes finally reach the games but before they can take part they must defeat two frightening enemies yet: the merciless Mewdusa and Furburus the three-headed dog. (Artwork by Chris Watson).


Furburus the three-headed dog

This 4 book quest is a ‘purrfect’ way of bringing history alive for 6-8 year olds.

The Spartoi awake!


ISBN: 978-1-90613-284-2
LENGTH: 120 pages
SIZE: 195 x 129mm
AUTHOR: Robin Price
PRICE: UK £6.99
FORMAT: Paperback

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