Die Clawdius

In the third instalment of the series, six-clawed hero Spartapuss is horrified to find that the Emperor is planning an invasion of the Land of the Kitons, aka Britain.

Clawdius, the least likely emperor in Roman history, needs to show his enemies who is boss. While Spartapuss has always wanted to visit his birthplace, famous for its terrible food, foul weather, and the tuneless howling of its savage tribes. But he doesn’t want to visit it as part of an invasion! However, he soon finds himself rounded up and forced aboard the first ship in the Roman invasion fleet.

Soon captured by two warriors, Spartapuss manages to escape into the woods, where he meets Furg, a young Kiton studying to become a Mewid. After joining her at Mewid training school, Spartapuss realizes he must choose between his new friends and the Emperor. Can the magic of the Mewids help him make the right decision?


‘Another fantastic story in this brilliantly inventive series. Any reader (young and old) will enjoy these books!’ – Teaching and Learning Magazine

‘I really recommend this book, the idea of a Roman Empire ruled by cats is brilliant. It’s not just the puns that are funny, the rest of the book made me laugh a lot. Rating: Ten out of ten.’ – Robert (aged 10), Young Archaeologists Club

‘This is the third story in this entertaining series and is as charming as its predecessors… It is often hard to interest boys in reading, and I think this series would be good to encourage boys. Great Roman historical background, too, to help with KS2 history.’ Parents in Touch

More about Spartapuss’ adventures

In I am Spartapuss (the first book) our hero is forced to fight as a gladiator.

In Catligula (the second book) Rome’s mad new Emperor befriends Spartapuss.

In Boudicat (the fourth book) Spartapuss gets caught up in Queen Boudicat’s uprising.

In Cleocatra’s Kushion (the latest book in the series) Spartapuss and his son go treasure hunting at the source of the river Nile.

Younger readers should check out The Olympuss Games

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ISBN: 9780954657680
SIZE: 216 x 138mm
AUTHOR: Robin Price
PRICE: UK £7.99
FORMAT: Paperback

(Artwork by Son of Ken)


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